Deploy your IOTA Hornet Nodes with 1 Click

IOTA Hornet deployment made simple, just 1 click is all what your need to run your IOTA Hornet node. IOTA is revolutionary with it’s next generation Tangle platform.

IOTA Hornet is highly distributed and it compliments to the blockchain. However unlike Blockchain IOTA Hornet is very lightweight, written in Go. It requires very less resources as compared to Blockchain mining operations.

IOTA’s next generation solutions are aimed towards the futuristic vision of a automated machine economy. IOTA can be used for your IoT based operations, Smart Cities, Verified and Structured Data Streams and in automating Global Supply chain etc. on it’s revolutionary container’s cloud platform has simplified IOTA Hornet deployment with just 1 Click. User can simply visit the marketplace area in the cloud console and select IOTA Hornet, it can be deployed just under 3 minutes with just 1 click in the preferred region of choice by user.

IOTA and it’s currency MIOTA is gaining traction as a green alternative since the resource requirements to run a full IOTA Hornet is very low as compared to blockchain. Also, IOTA does process all the transactions individually in tangle as opposed to a batch in blockchain.

You can simply sign-up here to deploy your IOTA Hornet node with just 1 click and enjoy Free 14 days trial, no cards needed. Of course, you can upgrade your account as a full account at any point of time.