• Native containers based auto-scalable cloud platform
  • Real-time Vertical & Horizontal Scaling, No reboots
  • Save up to 80% cost, “Pay for actually consumed resources”
  • Pay as you go & pay for actually used resources, Not for limits.
  • Kubernetes Cluster, Docker Engine, Swarm, Jenkins with 1 Click
  • In-built Marketplace with 100+ applications for 1 click setup
  • Automate deployments on pre-configured stacks with 1 click
  • Multi-Cloud regions, USA, Europe & Russia to choose from
  • Fully Secured, Highly Redundent, Anti-DDoS, Auto Backups
  • In-built Git/SVN, Secured Shell & Docker hub console

Next Generation Elastic Cloud Platform

  • Pay ONLY for used resources, NOT for having scaling limits.
  • Save up-to 80% on your cloud cost
  • Fully automated Vertical and Horizontal scaling
  • Pre-built stacks and Marketplace for rapid 1- click deployment.
  • Deploy Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Go, Python, Kubernetes, Docker, .NET
  • “No Code change required” approach
  • Built-in GIT, SVN & Docker Hub import console.
  • Integrated plugins like Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Automatic database clustering, deploy with 1 click

Pay as you use

Automated Deployment

No Capacity Planning

DevOps Automation

Secure and reliable

One Click Applications

Support of Standard Non-Modified Stacks

Benefits of RealCloud

Resize your resources without Reboots

Modify the resources dedicated to your Web applications at any time with no interruption. You can even automatically resize any application under the conditions of your choice, both vertically and horizontally.

Pay 'ONLY' for what you actually consume

Do you truly utilize every one of your server resources 24×7 at the maximum capacity? On RealCloud, you pay for the assets you actually used with the assurance that your locales and web applications are constantly accessible and productive.

Manage your architecture in the most easiest way

Forget the infrastructure and spotlight on the basics. Whatever the infrastructure (redundancy, IP, SSL, load adjusting, and so on.) and technologies (PHP, Node.js, Java, Docker, Ruby, and so on.) that you need, RealCloud enables you to deploy, change, exchange and clone environment of your choice within a moment.

Administer your environments with SSH, API or our intuitive graphical interface

Connect securely to your containers using SSH or utilize our GUI to effortlessly deal with your cloud environment. The API enables you to computerize assignments of your decision, for example, creating environments, deploying applications or some other activity you can perform through the graphical interface.

Everything is possible: dedicated IP, load balancing, SSL, redundancy and more

Create, alter, synchronize or clone your preferred application or server in a couple of snaps with no hassle. It has never been so easy and quick to make, test and deploy environments with the assurance of guaranteed high accessibility of its applications, whatever the computing power required.

Monitor the performance of your applications in real time

Effectively screen the stacking of your applications, traffic and utilization of RAM, CPU & Bandwidth. In case of overwhelm, you will be notified and consequently resize your resources in order to save money and to ensure the performance and availability of your online services.