Truly Elastic On Non-VM Based Next Generation Cloud
High-Availability. Optimized Performance. Cost Saving


Elastic Virtual Server in Containers, A Generation Ahead

Scale Up/Down, Anytime. No Downtime & No Reboots!

  • Save up-to 80% cost with Vertical Scaling & Pay ‘Only ‘ for Used Resources
  • True Elasticity, Scale Anything (RAM, CPU, IP, Storage) Vertically or Horizontally
  • No More Storage Detachment and Re-attachments, 1 Click Does it All.
  • Deploy Anything of Your Choice in Isolated VPS on Cloud
  • Docker & Kubernetes Cluster on Elastic VPS with 1 Click

Technical Benefits

kubernetes services

Highly Scalable (Horizontal & Vertical)

Flexible-Management realcloud

Flexible Management

magento cluster

One Click Diployment


Security and Failover


Funds Saving

kubernetes services

Traffic Distributor

kubernetes services



Zero Code Change

Simple Deployment, Quick Scaling. All in Real Time

Automatic Vertical Scaling

Horizontal Scaling inside the Cloud: Multi Nodes

Hourly Billing & Pay 'Only' for Consumed Resources