Wordpress Cluster for Websites
with Massive Traffic

  • Auto-scaleable Load Balancers
  • Replicated Databases Cluster
  • Dedicated Data Storage
  • Highly Available & High Reliable WordPress Cluster

Manage Your Favorite Wordpress Website Easily!

WP Cluster, 1 Click Setup
Auto Clustering, No Hassle

Scalable WordPress Cluster in a Single Click

  • For distributing incoming traffic within a cluster, a WordPress NGINX load balancer is used; herewith, it can be manually scaled horizontally after installation, whilst the newly added node(s) discover available application servers automatically
  • The WordPress application itself is handled with two NGINX PHP servers that are automatically scaled based on the pre-configured triggers
  • Two replicated MySQL DB servers to store and operate user data
  • Dedicated Data Storage node to eliminate data duplication and ensure the same content presence across all application servers

It's Much More, Simplest DevOps Cloud Platform

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Dedicated Wordpress Support

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Hourly Billing & Pay 'Only' for Consumed Resources