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Supercharge Your WordPress, WooCommerce store with 1 Click Auto Scalable & Highly Available WordPress NGINX Cluster at RealCloud.

WordPress undoubtedly is the most loved CMS system today in the internet space. Nearly 60% of websites today are built using WordPress or WordPress WooCommerce. Simple installation, huge community support, tons of available theme & plugins make it lucrative and easy to use adapt option for everyone.

Hang On!, Does a lot of WordPress WooCommerce batch processing making your website slow and less reliable resulting in loss of valuable traffic on your WordPress blog or WooCommerce store and lower SEO rankings? If your answer is Yes for any of these then we just have a perfect solution for your WordPress love.

At RealCloud, we have simplified the complex and tedious task of setting up a WordPress NGINX Cluster. Now at RealCloud, you can simply deploy standalone WordPress or Auto Scalable WordPress NGINX Cluster with 1 click from the marketplace at no extra cost. No complex tasks & commands, all it takes is just 1 click and within a few minutes, your WordPress NGINX Cluster is all set to skyrocket your dreams in the internet space. Here is what your WordPress Cluster topology would have:

  1. Auto Scalable & Highly Available WordPress NGINX Cluster at RealCloud are preconfigured with NGINX load balancers which effectively distributes the incoming traffic within the cluster. The NGINX load balancers would also discover newly added nodes automatically.
  • Your WordPress application and files would be managed by 2 NGINX application servers which are set to scale automatically on predefined triggers.
  • 2 Master – Master Async replicated MySQL Database Servers to store and render user data.
  • 1 Dedicated Data Storage node to ensure the consistency and availability of same data rendered across all application servers.

By default, the latest Hello World WordPress files shall be deployed with 1 GB RAM and 3.2 GHz processor. Of course you can scale up or down manually or you can also set up the automatic scaling rules within few clicks from the RealCloud Dashboard.

You simply manage your WordPress NGINX Cluster within a few clicks.

  • Secure your WordPress NGINX Cluster with our Free SSL Encryption or you can also upload your own Custom SSL:
  • You can also use Let’s Encrypt Free SSL tool from RealCloud Marketplace:
  • You can manage or change the topology of your deployed WordPress Cluster:
  • Having massive traffic on your WordPress WooCommerce blog/store? No Worries, set automatic scaling rules within a few clicks:

Cheers, All done, now sit back and relax. Get max efficiency, monitor & manage your resource usages:

Still, if you have any questions or need any help in moving-in your existing WordPress Website or WordPress WooCommerce store from any other host, you are always welcome to reach our expert support team.

Let’s get things done quickly, with high reliability and maximum cost-efficiency (Up-to 80% saving on cloud cost compared to AWS/GCP, etc.) for your WordPress project. Contact us to learn more.

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