Auto-Scalable Magento Cluster for
Your Favorite E-Commerce Store

  • Varnish
  • Storage
  • Redis Session Storage
  • Redis Cache
  • MySQL DB Cluster

Not Just Magento! Everything Is Possible, Shopify, Open Cart and More.

python django
python django
1 Click Magento Cluster Setup
python django
Multi Cloud Availability
python django
In-built Shared SSL with 1 Click

Pre-Configured Flexible & Easy Magento Cluster Topology

  • Pre-configured Varnish load balancers to distribute the incoming traffic in the cluster and to cache all static content running as an HTTPS proxy; automatically scaled based on the amount of incoming traffic
  • NGINX PHP application servers to handle Magento engine itself; automatically scaled based on the amount of incoming traffic
  • Redis storage node to retain user session parameters so that in case one application server node fails, the second one can retrieve the required data and continue serving the clients without any notable interruption
  • Redis Cache node to store Magento cache that helps to improve application response time due to faster page loading when processing similar subsequent requests
  • MySQL database servers with asynchronous master-slave replication between them to achieve high availability, improve data protection, and alleviate system failures.
  • No more slow checkouts!
  • Avoid costly security mistakes!
  • Integrate your e-store with modules for excellent shopping experience

It's Much More, Simplest DevOps Cloud Platform


Kubernetes Cluster with 1 Click, Automate CI/CD


Docker Engine & Docker Swarm Cluster

magento cluster

One Click Deployment

magento cluster

Choise of databases

kubernetes services

Redis Cache & Storage

magento cluster

MySQL DB Cluster

kubernetes services

Flexible Topology, Traffic Distributor, Auto Start Stop Scheduler & More

kubernetes services

Automatic & Manual Vertical and Horizontal Scaling


It's a Matter of Just Few Minutes

Simple Deployment, Quick Scaling. All in Real Time

Hourly Billing & Pay 'Only' for Consumed Resources