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Deploy your Docker Containers now from Docker Hub with 1 Click at RealCloud

Docker containers are immensely getting popular due to their technical advantageous features over VMs. Adoption & migration to Docker containers is growing at a whopping rate of 40% each year. At RealCloud have made pretty simple and we offer native Docker Container Cloud with in-built Docker Hub import functionality from Docker registries with 1 click. It’s time to say Hello to Next Generation Native Container-based Cloud; RealCloud.

Docker container can be operated on any OS-compatible host be it a Windows or Linux with Docker runtime installed. Docker makes the management of infrastructure easy and simple. With the use of Docker, the delay between the development stages and hosting the same code on Production can be reduced. Also since there will not be any hypervisor, the performance boost shall increase largely.

Docker Hub

Why You Should Use Docker Container for Applications?

Docker allows for the more efficient use of system resources. The apps that are containerized using less memory than virtual machines. When it comes to enterprise software, it must quickly respond to changing conditions. Docker containers allow easy installation of new versions of software along with new business features. Docker containers enable easy management and hosting of all kinds of applications with microservices architecture patterns. At RealCloud, you are getting simple, portable, lightweight, and appealing docker containers that are offered within a huge range of hosting companies and data centers around the world. RealCloud also renders management and orchestration for hosting applications in the cloud.

Benefits of having Docker Containers

  • Boot within seconds as opposed to minutes in Virtual Machines
  • No Hypervisor, Tight Integration, No Hiccups. Reduced IT management resources
  • Reduced size of snapshots, thanks to lightweight architecture of Docker Containers
  • Quicker spinning up apps
  • Automated & Simplified security updates
  • Less code to transfer, migrate, upload workloads

Docker Hub

Why You Should Choose This Solution at RealCloud?

With the combination of Docker standard across the RealCloud platform, you will obtain more options and flexibility while installing any application, containerized stack, or system. RealCloud state of the art GUI enables users to simply import their choice of Docker Container right from Docker Hub with just 1 click and makes the overall Docker installation process fairly simple with a few seconds. The other benefits of deploying Docker containers at RealCloud include:

  • Smart distribution and live migration
  • Resource management and automation
  • Granular breaking of physical servers into containers but not into VMs
  • Smooth container update
  • Smart and easy load monitoring through triggers
  • Complete security and isolation
  • Automated redirect of ports
  • Easy process of configuration
  • Latest orchestration via a single HTTP entry point
  • Maximum use of resources with the assistance of hibernation

What’s the Advantage of Docker Hub at RealCloud?

  • Simple search the name of your image in 15000+ Docker containers and import with 1 Click
  • RealCloud is a Native Container Cloud, effectively allowing you to use Docker Hub/Docker Containers at all topologies including Databases Server, App Server, Load Balancers and more,
  • Due to native container support, you can obtain a maximum return on your application infrastructure. Less consumption as compared to VM based clouds like AWS, GCP.
  • Increased granularity by 8x. You can scale automatically in the multiple of 128 MB for memory, which isn’t possible in AWS, GCP and at any VM based Cloud.
  • Independent RAM & Independent Storage. What does that mean? This unique feature of RealCloud allows you to increase any of the components independently as per your need. Why stuck to fixed VMs, everything in real-time with 1 click, No Reboots.
  • Prebuilt Docker Engine & Docker Swarm Cluster templates
  • Use your favorite Docker Container with world-class container orchestration technology; Kubernetes.
  • Finally save up-to 80% cost on Cloud as compared to VM based Clouds like AWS, GCP, Bluemix and more, thanks to RealCloud’s native container cloud.

Docker Hub

How Can You Get a Docker Container at RealCloud?

Docker containers board is combined with both the RealCloud’s Marketplace dashboard tab and environment topology wizard. It lets to search for the particular picture among the templates by default that is obtainable at the Registry Hub and append your own custom template. It will get listed at the proper section permanently for being easily accessible. Moreover, the RealCloud environment wizard offers you a unique graphic tool to adjust few basic configurations at your Docker container like ports’ settings and environment variables, linking containers, managing data volumes, or specifying the file that must be run on its startup.

How do I get started at RealCloud for Docker?

We encourage everyone to try out RealCloud absolutely Free for 14 days. Unlike many providers, we allow you to use all the available technologies on our Cloud during the trials as well.

You can signup for your free trial here, No Credit Cards Needed.

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